Update on Chinese New Year and other chaos

I could totally write a non-celebrity cookbook, right?
The first quarter of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit is almost over.

And the truth is, I had to Google when the Chinese New Year was, because I forgot.

If you all remember, way back in February, I boldly announced my resolution to write a book. I thought maybe you'd all like an update.

1. I have been writing, nearly everyday. Now, sometimes this writing might be witty emails to friends or rants about various members of the administration at Lindenwold School 5 or something for the Gloucester Township Patch or maybe something blog-tastic in Yoke, but I have been writing.
2. I think I know what I am writing my book about (did I really say, "my book?" eeek!!).
3. Despite many of you who have recommended that I merely write down stories of people that I meet or recap my childhood being raised by delightful and well-meaning, yet slightly off-kilter parents (spinning all this chaos in fiction), I have decided to write about motherhood, cancer and yoga.
4. I think this is what I am writing about, but maybe not. Perhaps a non-celebrity cookbook?

In the category of chaos, when the heck is 90210 going to be back on? I need blog content.

And finally, please harass me. Ask me about my writing. Ask me how I spend my days and keep reading Yoke. It boosts my ego. It makes handstands a little easier.

As always, save your dollars. Because each of you have to buy at least 3 copies of the book.



  1. I will be first in line! And when you have time teach me how to do a handstand! :)

  2. Michelle, you will rocket to the bestseller list! Miranda--shiva and shakti kick yourself for a while and you will be hand standing in no time.

  3. publish urself...writing daily is good for squeezing the juices out..its lathargic..i have oodles of journals...


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