St. Patrick's Day Yoga

I love a good party--and my Yoga Kids do too. Tonight in my Pajama Yoga Class we will celebrate all things Irish with some fun St. Patrick's Day inspired yoga.

Since leprechauns are notorious for creating trouble and shenanigans, we will start in savasana, or as we call it: spaghetti.

We will center and become limp, loose and ready to focus on some fun Asana, like:

1. Backwards sun salutation-starting and ending in Downward Dog.
2. Upside down rainbow--bow pose
3. Lucky horse shoe--play with backbends--camel, bridge and wheel
4. Irish Potato--knees to chest and rolling all around.

Then maybe a game, like my St. Patrick's Day spin on the Intuition game, called Find the Pot of gold. One student leaves the room, while the rest hide a gold coin underneath one of their mats. The student returns and uses their intuition to find the coin.

Then some meditation--we've been working with mandala's all month, so maybe we will make our own shamrock inspired mandala's and go out into the world feeling lucky to our yoga practice and each other!

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