Photos of the Day: Walking in the Rain

I love a rainy day.

I remember one rainy Spring day when Lily was two. We were running errands and she saw a little girl, her age, with rain boots and what Lily called a "brella." Lily wanted an umbrella and she wanted so badly a pair of ticky tacky rain boots to splash around in.

The thing is, you cannot wear Sure Step braces inside rain boots and you really cannot hold an umbrella when both your hands are on a therapy walker or when you are army crawling on the floor. And even when your hands are free, you cannot manage the careful balance of an umbrella, when you don't have any balance to spare.

This year, Lily still wears Sure Steps, but she can also walk without her braces. She has not used her therapy walker for a year and the only time Lily crawls is when she is pretending to be Clifford, the Big Red Dog. She can balance on one foot, carry an enormous school bag and walk in the rain.

Rainy days are my favorite days. These days are reminders of the simple things like splashing in puddles and pretty pink umbrellas--the miracles of childhood.

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