Egg rolls, an agent and a book

Since it's Chinese New Year and I love egg rolls, chinese lanterns and fire works (in that order), I've decided to announce my first official Chinese New Year resolution.

But before the big reveal, some back story.

A long, long time ago in the year 1999, my then-boyfriend (and now husband) gave a me a gorgeous black business suit (it still fits) and a copy of the 2000 Writer's Market for Christmas. (Note, my parents, gave me nothing. I don't even think they said Merry Christmas. Apparently they were sick of the whole 5-year college plan and the corresponding tuition.) For those non-writers out there, the Writer's Market is the ultimate bible of potential freelance writing outlets--publishers, magazines, newspapers and the internet. The 2000 edition is over 1,000 pages.

Mike inscribed the book with: "From Your Agent Michael J Adkins." For me, an aspiring writer, Italian-leather-handbag connoisseur, PR girl and Jersey housewife in the making, that inscription was the equivalent of a marriage proposal. The path to writing is paved with procrastination, starvation (it does not pay well unless you are Stephen King) and dysfunction. To have a boyfriend say he was willing to stick by you, support you, believe in you and take 30% of all earnings, was an amazing declaration of faith.

Fast forward a few months and I finally graduated from Temple, moved myself to Vermont to work for the International Ecotourism Society and launch an e-zine called the Ecotourism Observer (which is no longer published). Then I am not sure what happened, but suddenly I was no longer a writer, I was a PR girl--hot on the trail of corporate dollars and world domination via communication manipulation and lots of smiling.

It was hardly my truest self. I hate excessive smiling.

Somehow I've finally found myself right where I belong, writing. Getting paid for it (sometimes) and also with a burgeoning expertise--healthy living, motherhood, yoga, cooking and brain tumors. (I call it HLMYCBT for short). I also find myself realizing that my favorite teacher (in the world, for all time) Dr. Marra, was right: "To write about life, you have to live it."

Are you ready for the reveal?

My Chinese New Year Resolution for the year of the Rabbit is to write a book. It might take me until the Year of Ox, but this year I will begin to diligently and fully to write a BOOK. Yes, a book. I've never actually said it out loud to the world before, but yes, I not only aspire to be a published book author, but I will be--if only to squash that inner voice in my head that says I can't, I will.  I will write a book.

So, save your dollars, because I expect all my Facebook friends to buy it.


  1. I will be first in line my friend! Can't wait!

  2. Is it too early to pre-order my copy?

  3. You can do it! I will make everyone I know buy a copy xoxo

  4. Do it!! Loved your Yogajournal comment about the dogs eating the chickens, it made me laugh. Hopefully you can find a way to have chickens despite the dogs.

  5. Thanks everyone. And Thanks heather. My dog (and cat, for that matter) would totally eat any chickens I had!

  6. Good for you!! And I love the part about your husband. So great to have someone in your corner. Have fun on the journey.


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