Bug Yoga

I adore the work of Donna Freeman at Yoga in My School . Whenever my girls are not around to inspire me, I can count on Donna to offer up something fabulous. Tomorrow I get to teach a mini yoga session in Lily's preschool class as part of Community Helpers Day. I wanted something new (and Lily's favorite ABC yoga is too long). I stumbled upon Bug Yoga.

Even my girly girly loves being grossed out by bugs. And she is still young enough to enjoy singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Since Lily loves the very Hungry Caterpillar, we are going to start out like Caterpillar (on our bellies in baby cobra, creepy low to the ground), read the story, curl up in our cocoons (child's pose) and emerge as beautiful butterflies and moths. Then
wrap up with Donna's fabulous lesson, ending with the Itsy Bitsy Spider--the one who comes down to meditate!


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