Lemonade Part 2:Love + Gratitude

We always refer to both our girls as miracles. Both were preemies-born way too soon. And then Lily, of course, battled a brain tumor, won and took the spoils--her life and her joy.

The truth, however, is that the real miracle is love. I've written about love before--loving wastefully, knowing that you have enough love for everyone. I could write about love everyday, all day--because love is a miracle. Love is air, water and sustenance. Love is in every breath and every blink. It is warm. It is cool. It is everything.

Everyday someone reminds me to love wastefully by giving me love. Whether it is a quick smile from Lily's teacher, a wet kiss from Chloe, a text message from my husband or during lemonade season, a donation to Lily's Lemonade Stand; I am reminded that there is no limit to love and that I also need to love wastefully--to love how my family has been loved and to love how I want to be loved. This lesson and this love is a miracle.

Love led us to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Love led the world to pray for Lily (and I do mean the world--across continents). Love led our brain surgeon to successfully remove a whole tumor. Love led our oncologist to thoughtfully choose a treatment protocol that worked. Love held us up. Love hugged us. And last year, love led us to raise $3,000 during Lily's Lemonade Stand for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. This year it will lead us to raise more much needed funds for childhood cancer research. In the coming years, love will lead the world to a cure.

That is the miracle of love. It moves mountains. It heals sick babies. And it never runs out. Love is limitless. Thank you for wasting love on us. I am eternally grateful.