The Blissful Bride

I have to admit that I am certain I may have bit a teeny bit crazy when I was planning my wedding. I was completely overwhelmed. I hadn't found yoga yet and certainly did not know how to meditate.

Planning a wedding is like planning a royal ball for all the most important people in your life. It is a memory that 150 of your closest friends and relatives will talk about at cocktail parties.

And then of course there is the small detail of planning a marriage. The marriage is absolutely life changing--you are uniting your soul and your life path with another person. A person who may steal the covers at night or who may leave loads of dirty dishes in the sink. A person who may not care about the difference between crimson roses and hot pink hydrangea. A person who you love in spite of all this. The person who wish to live with forever.

No matter how much help you have-family, friends, wedding planners and therapists-it is overwhelming. You spend all your time looking outward and no time with your inner self.

To find your inner blissful bride, try yoga and meditation. Each morning and each evening, take 5 minutes. Pause. Sit still. Close your eyes. Inhale and exhale. That's it. Pure bliss, in a breath. Maybe your mind wanders a little in these 5 minutes. Call it back in with your breath.

And try a class with me and my company Trinitas Yoga. I am so excited to debut the Blissful Bride yoga at the Spring Soiree in the City on Sunday, April 25. You spend hours and weeks planning the perfect event, why not take an hour just for you. Whether you want to tone up and look great in your wedding dress or you are in some desperate need of some downtime, yoga is an amazing way to address your personal wellness goals. Become a Blissful Bride and watch your inner goddess walk down the aisle.

See you at the Soiree!


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