My engagement ring is still beautiful. I don't really know the size or cut or clarity of my ring. I couldn't tell you its retail value. It has not been cleaned since the week before our wedding in 2003. It is a diamond ring; simple, plain jane and sparkles when it gets wet.

Mike and I were engaged a couple days before Valentine's Day. We lived in Vermont. Our unhealthy bank account led us to be creative--we got my ring with cash and credit cards when Service Merchandise was going out of business. Everyday for a week, Mike would go to Service Merchandise on his lunch break and look at the rings; investigating when the final clearance reduction would happen, so we could snag the ring for a rock bottom price.

It was a Saturday. We got the ring--using both our ATM cards to withdraw our daily cash limit, plus a couple separate transactions on various credit cards. The long drive to our apartment felt like an epic journey. Mike had an engagement ring burning in his pocket. He asked if he could propose at a truck stop. (haha) We held hands most of the drive. I kept looking at our hands and thinking-these hands are about to be engaged, what will they look like?

Mike proposed that afternoon in our living room in Fairfax. Our celebration dinner was something from the Steeple Market (a former church turned deli in the middle of town). It snowed.

Eight years later, we are still holding hands, even when in different time zones. And together, we always seem to pull off the impossible--even when it takes 2 bank accounts and a little lunch time detective work.


  1. Aww I love this story! You are a very unique person. I find you so uplifting! xx

  2. That is so sweet! I love hearing love stories! They make me heart feel happy!


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