Sweet Surrender

Yoga literally means "to yoke," as in bringing it all together--uniting that which was not united. For the past month I've been struggling with how to bring it all together--motherhood, wifehood, girlfriendhood and lifehood. Thinking about how to write, pray, teach, stretch, grow and mother. My biggest struggle has been with trying to get to the very essence of Yoga--how to bring into my life the stillness I find in Tree pose or Warrior 1.

I've searched through the Bible, turned to the wisdom of the Gita, prayerfully meditated on Thomas Merton's words, read as many Thich Nhat Hanh books as my library can hold and then one day at church, my pastor hit on it--he said, we do everything can to keep God at arms length. We keep him "over there," separate from our day to day. We fail to surrender to God. We fail to love our God with our whole hearts, as he loves us.

By searching, reading and working so hard at it, I missed what is always there for me--God's love, my love for my God and the sweet serenity that comes with surrendering. That's how it all comes together--by letting it all go.



  1. Where was I reading about compassion without attachment?

    "Letting go" is a great theme for life in general.

  2. Sounds very Thich Nhat Hanh. Thanks for your comment JR.


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